Success Stories

  • "Romika helped me to build my self-strength and convinced me that I am capable of reaching my goals. I was very often demotivated, insecure and was looking more for excuses than being productive. She changed my whole world, she changed my mindset. The great thing about her is that she trains you to keep being motivated by yourself at some stage. Today I am a different, better and more successful person in my private and business life."
    Anna L. 29 years old; Austria

  • "I had many problems in my relationship. I was feeling lonely and misunderstood, not only by my partner but also my friends wouldn't really get me. Romika doesn't only listen, she has the capability to feel and sense you, your feelings and interestingly those of your partner. She will break down his personality and yours and show it to you like a mirror. And that's where you will understand so many things about him and yourself and you can change your behaviour accordingly. I couldn't have done it without her and I highly recommend everyone to work with her, especially when it comes to relationships and self-growth."
    Isabelle S. 36 years old; UK

  • "Romika will see things and put dots together which you will be surprised of. She will do it in such a comprehensive way and will tailor a plan according to your personality that you can follow realistically. She will guide you through every step, not by the books but by her experience."
    David B. 33 years old; Germany

  • "Romika has the ability to hold a mirror sob that you can finally embrace your true self and carve a space for yourself in this world. She makes you understand that the things you are looking for are within yourself."
    Omar K. 48 years old, UAE

  • "I used to start projects, big or small. It wouldn't matter but I wouldn't finish any of them which made me feel miserable and affected my self-worth and confidence in the long run. When I met Romika, I was at a very sad stage of my life, majorly disappointed in myself. She analysed my personality after just two sessions and made me realise what was holding me back for so many years. Today, I run my own business very successfully and I am very thankful to her and all the work we did together."
    Carol S. 29 years old, Switzerland

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