About Romika

I'm Romika, Life & Business Coach, specializing in helping individuals make progress in their personal and professional lives to achieve greater fulfillment.

I always say that the most important house you will ever build in your life is your mindset! It starts with discovering your own strengths and brilliance.

For the past twelve years, I have lived in the United Arab Emirates, building partnerships with like-minded individuals in a diverse and multicultural setting. Through my professional experiences, I developed critically essential skills that I am able to apply to my work. I learned the meaning of patience and how to overcome challenges.

To better understand one another, we must have empathy. As one of the most fundamental aspects that make us human, I have used empathy to understand business and personal relationships to achieve significant results. No two persons are the same; thus it is essential to understand and adapt to different personalities and cultures. I treat each of you as unique individuals and work together to develop the best-tailored solution that meets your needs and desires.

I graduated from Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf, a world-renowned German University, with a bachelor's in Social Sciences. Throughout my studies, I focused on the contemporary problems of modern society and analyzed basic social norms within society. I feel that as a society, we pay more attention to the aesthetics of physics rather than the aesthetics of the soul. We can easily recognize physical beauty, but can we attain an even higher value; the beauty of the soul?

Throughout my professional career, I have had the privilege of being a trusted confidant to many within my extensive network. Seeing the positive influence my advice has had on these individuals and the transformation I was able to guide them through, ultimately led me to pursue personal coaching professionally.

I see the world we live in sorely lacking a "human touch." The roots of human nature have been lost to the influences of technology and social media. This loss reflects itself in humans as well as their relationships with others. Through my coaching, I look to bring back the human essence of relationships, personal and business.

With the help of a professional but authentic process, I am convinced that everyone can enhance themselves. Anyone can actively work towards a better version of themselves and improve their social and personal relationships.

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