The initial coaching session is free of charge. It is conducted via online video conferencing or telephone and lasts for 30 minutes. This session allows you to assess the chemistry and rapport between yourself and Romika. If you consider the outcome positive and trust can be established, you may wish to schedule further sessions. For Romika, the initial coaching session will help her develop a first impression understanding of your goals and chart a way forward to assist you in reaching them.
As we advance, coaching sessions can be either via online video conferencing / telephone or through one on one in-person meetings. After the initial coaching session, Romika will develop a tailored and specific plan for the coaching path according to your personal and/or professional goals. As coaching is a very individual process, the number of coaching sessions will depend on you, with Romika only making a recommendation based on your growth and transformation objectives. You can choose between single sessions or monthly packages.

RF Coaching Packages

Single Session

$125 USD


$800 USD


$1,500 USD


$3,500 USD


$10,500 USD

Including a surprise gift with the value of $2,200

Instant Coaching:

We live in a world where we are constantly under pressure to make decisions and make them fast, and we know that some of these decisions, whether personal or business, will have a profound impact on our lives going forward. As we go through this decision-making process, our mindset and emotions experience enormous pressure. At that stage, a neutral and fresh perspective is recommended, and an assessment can be provided by a professional, experienced and impartial mind who will guide you to make the best decision that works for you and optimises your goals. For this reason, Romika has designed an instant coaching session that doesn't require an initial consultation and will assist you straight away.

The coaching session is for 90 minutes and includes a detailed report on the coaching that has been conducted and other special tools designed for you. The report will be sent to you within 24 hours of the session as a PDF File.

Instant Coaching Session


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