The most
important house
you will ever build in your life is your mindset!

Romika Fazeli

Romika Fazeli

Top Leading Life & Business Coach

  • Holder of a Bsc in Social Sciences from a world-renowned University in Germany
  • Highly qualified and trained in 4 languages
  • Expert knowledge in human's psychological behaviour
  • 15 years of experience working with international clients
  • Trusted by well known and highly respected CEOs and HNWIs
  • Acknowledged by international bestseller authors and psychologists

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Mindset and Coaching

"The most important "house" you will build in your life is your mindset. Your mindset provides the principal foundation for your physical and mental health and well-being and forms the basis of a happy and successful life. The first step is to accept and comprehend the crucial importance of this fact entirely. The second is to undertake a deep analysis of your current mindset, and based on that analysis, create an action plan that will act as the guide to change your mindset for the benefit of your future success and happiness.

To best achieve these goals, coaching is key. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from having a coach or mentor. With the previous in mind, I carefully listen to my clients. I study not only their story but also their background, their feelings, their patterns of behaviour. I imagine my client as the most efficient, functioning, and happy human being and work with them towards that vision the same, no matter what they have been through, no matter which goals they have in life. There is no formula for a coach to apply to clients. Certainly, there are similar guidelines, but the art of a coach is the ability to truly see a client comprehend an individual using a holistic approach. This is how I work and how I can best assist my clients.

Given the nature of my work, I carefully select those clients that I work with, chemistry is the most important criteria in my work and private life, and this is how I can achieve results for those clients that I work with. "

--- Romika Fazeli